Affordable and Flexible College Credit for High School Students and Independent Learners

High-Quality Curriculum

Rigorous, college-level curriculum designed to build mastery.

Regionally Accredited Partners

Our higher education partners are focused on student success.

Self-Paced Courses

Fully online with flexible pacing guides.

Flexible, Supported and Self-Paced

Along with rigorous, college-level curriculum, our courses provide the flexibility for students to learn at their own pace. And be supported with active instructors and student coaches throughout the course. 

Regionally Accredited Partners

Our regionally accredited partner colleges and universities vet our courses to make sure they meet the same standards as their own. Select the college or university partner that best fits your academic journey.

Beyond Courses

Interested in earning your associate degree through TEL’s partnerships?
Earn an affordable associate degree while completing your high school coursework. Learn more about our associate degree partners, the course sequence, and degree requirements.

Free Library of Courses

Many of our courses are available for free through our reference library. The same high-quality curriculum, just without the mastery assignments and support options. This content is openly licensed and great for lifelong learning.

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