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As part of our commitment to affordable education, TEL offers an affordable, all-inclusive solution for homeschool learners: college courses on demand for as little as $44 per credit hour including course and registration fees.


This price covers all course materials, instructional services, technology, and support. Students completing these courses successfully receive college credit from one of our regionally accredited institutional partners.


How Does It Work?Courses on Demand

How It Works: College Credit

Homeschool students earn college credit through TEL’s curriculum via our partnerships with regionally accredited colleges and universities. Through this program, students enroll in TEL online courses that our partner universities have reviewed to ensure the course meets the college’s academic standards and aligns with its institutional mission. If a student passes the course, the partner college awards credit for the course, and provides the student with a transcript reflecting a letter grade.

Credits from these courses count towards a degree at the partner college, or can generally be transferred to another regionally accredited college or university. Courses may vary somewhat by partner college based on the partner college’s academic standards and institutional mission. Students are not eligible for financial aid or partner college support services (e.g. counseling services, professional development activities, internships).

Course Selection

Select courses to take from TEL’s catalog for which you want to earn college credit.

Students may take up to six courses in an academic year. 


Continue to the cart and complete your purchase. This will include your course fee of $33 per credit hour and an annual $200 registration fee to your selected college or university.*



After paying your registration fee, you will receive an email that includes links, information, and support for registering with our partner institution.

Course Completion

When you complete your course, you will receive instructions from your institution about requesting an official transcript for your credit.

*The registration fee is paid one time each academic year in which you take courses from one of TEL’s institutional partners.

Spring 2020 Courses

TEL’s catalog consists of self-paced online courses that cover the core general education curriculum. Our focus on learning design, learner agency, and content mastery mapped to learning outcomes results in high-quality content tailored to meet the needs of a variety of learners.

Course Features


TEL works with our college partners to provide highly affordable college credit to college-bound homeschool students.  Our truly affordable pricing includes all learning materials, course instruction, technology, exam proctoring, and support via email, chat, and phone.


TEL’s curriculum is designed to support the unique needs of homeschool students, their parents, and homeschool co-ops. Our self-paced design allows flexible scheduling and our courses also support a wide range of instructional models, including a blended learning model for homeschool coops.

Equitable Access

TEL accommodates both online and offline study to address differing levels of bandwidth availability. Our videos feature downloadable, transcripts and our online lessons are also available as accessible PDFs. We can also work with organizations and families to accommodate special needs for exams and assignments.

Engaged Learning

TEL’s curriculum is designed to promote an applied understanding of course concepts. As part of this design, we focus on student engagement through critical thinking assignments and peer-engagement activities. Our instructional staff provides prompt feedback on all assignments and is readily available via email, chat, and phone.

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