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At Allen University, students are able to achieve “All That Can Be Imagined.” With intentionally small classes, assertive friendliness from faculty and staff, and structured opportunities to present publicly, Allen enables students to develop mastery in many career-related skills.

Allen University is located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Allen University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

TEL CourseCredit HoursAllen University Course Equivalency
CHEM 2103 Chemistry I3CHM 201: General Chemistry I
CHEM 2111 Chemistry I Lab1CHM 201L: General Chemistry I Lab
COL 1101 College Readiness1UNV 101: University 101
COM 1103 Introduction to Communication3ENG 105: Public Speaking
ECON 2103 Microeconomics3ECO 200: Economics I
ENG 1100 Introductory Reading and Writing*3ENG 101: Composition I
ENG 1303 Language and Composition3ENG 102: Composition II
ENG 2103 Literature and Composition**3ENG 200: Intro to Literature
HUM 1203 World Civilizations3SSH 201: Introduction to Civilization
ICT 1303 Introduction to Information Technology3BUS 103: Computer Literacy
PSC 1103 American Government3SSP 208: American Government
PSY 1203 Principles of Psychology3PSY 207: General Psychology

*Currently archived, contact us if you are interested in taking this course


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