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Location: Greenville, Illinois

A collegiate brick building sits amid a bright green lawn on a sunny day with fluffy white clouds.
Greenville University Library

Founded in 1892, Greenville’s 50 acre campus is located in the heart of Greenville, Illinois, a beautiful town of  7,000 people located 45 miles outside of St. Louis.

Greenville University provides a quality liberal arts education for over 1,200 students. They offer many undergraduate majors as well as adult and graduate programs available online or at partnership locations.

Their online undergraduate degrees include:

  • Agribusiness
  • Business Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Liberal Studies
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Psychology

Starting with the first graduate in 1898, Greenville University now averages 450 graduates each year at Commencement. The quality of their graduates is made clear in their accomplishments. An unusually high proportion have gone on to earn doctorates. Alumni serve with distinction in major professions in government, business, the church, Christian missions, and as faculty of major universities and colleges.

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Regional Accreditation

The University has been accredited since 1947 by the Higher Learning Commission as an institution granting the bachelor’s degree, and since 1996 granting the master’s degree.

TEL CourseCredit HoursGU Course Equivalency
BIO 1303 Introduction to Biology3Non lab introductory biology; must also take BIO 1311 to meet lab science requirement
BIO 1311 Introduction to Biology Lab1Taken with BIO 1303 Introduction to Biology, meets general education lab science
CHEM 2103 Chemistry I3Non lab general education chemistry
CHIN 2105 Chinese I4Elective credit
COMM 1103 Introduction to Communication3COMM 101 Media Communication
ENG 1303 Language & Composition3Taken with ENG 2303, meets ENGL 105 Writing and Critical Inquire; otherwise elective credit
ENG 2303 Literature & Composition3Taken with ENG 1303, meets ENGL 105 Writing and Critical Inquiry; otherwise elective credit
HIST 2103 U.S. History I3US History course
HIST 2203 U.S. History II3US History course
ICST 1303 Introduction to Informational Technology3Elective credit
LATN 2105 Latin I5Elective credit
MATH 1113 Quantitative Analysis I3Quantitative reasoning requirement
MATH 1203 College Algebra3Quantitative reasoning requirement
PHY 1103 Physical Sciences3Non lab science; must also take PHY 1311 to meet lab science requirement
PHY 1113 Physical Sciences Lab1Taken with PHY 1103 Physical Sciences, meets general education lab science.
PSC 1103 American Government3POLS 210 American Government
PSY 1203 Principles of Psychology3PSYC 101 General Psychology
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