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Learn more about this credit-granting partner, including how the courses will appear on your Lane College transcript.

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We provide students with a deeply transformative undergraduate education – intellectually, spiritually, and socially – and have for almost 150 years. We’ve nurtured business leaders and spiritual leaders, novelists and scientists, physicians and public servants, and scholars and teachers in nearly every field of endeavor.

Lane College Course Equivalencies

Each credit-granting partner has their own grading scale. Some consider everything above a 90% to be an A, while some partners consider 90-92% to be an A-, for example. Please reach out to your credit-granting partner to find out what grading scale they use.

TEL CourseLane College EquivalencyCredit Hours
BIO 1303 Introduction to BiologyBIO 143: Biological Science for Education3
BIO 1311 Introduction to Biology LabBIO 143: Biological Science for Education1
CHEM 2103 Chemistry ICHE 141: General Chemistry I3
CHEM 2111 Chemistry I LabCHE 141: General Chemistry I Lab1
COL 1101 College ReadinessORN 110: Freshman Orientation1
COM 1103 Introduction to CommunicationSPC 230: Foundations of Speech3
ECON 2103 MicroeconomicsECO 220 Microeconomics3
ENG 1100 Introductory Reading and Writing *ENG 111: Essential Language Lab3
ENG 1303 Language and CompositionENG 131: English Composition I3
ENG 2103 Literature and CompositionENG 132: English Composition II3
HIST 2103 U.S. History IHIS 131: U.S. History I3
HIST 2203 U.S. History IIHIS 132: U.S. History II3
HUM 1103 Introduction to ChristianityREL 234: Church History 
HUM 1203 World Civilizations IHIS 231 World Civilizations I3
MATH 1103 Quantitative Analysis IMAT 130: Contemporary Mathematics3
MATH 1203 College AlgebraMAT 133: College Algebra3
PHY 1103 Physical SciencesPHY 131: Physical Science3
PHY 1111 Physical Sciences LabPHY 131: Physical Science Lab1
PSC 1103 American GovernmentPSC 231: American Government3
PSY 1203 Principles of PsychologyPSY 130: Introduction to Psychology3

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