McMurry University: Where REAL Happens

Discover yourself at McMurry University. With individualized liberal arts and professional degrees, students chart their own paths to accomplishment, service, and success. At McMurry, we provide opportunities for every student to realize possibilities and experience new ways of thinking. The University’s core values are Christian faith, personal relationships, learning, excellence, and service. The rich diversity of students and faculty creates a culture of openness and genuineness. The relatively small student body forges a real sense of community. Students receive individualized caring and support, beginning the first day of classes and continuing long after graduation. At McMurry, students of all backgrounds discover their potential and realize their dreams.

McMurry University is located in Abilene, Texas.

McMurry University is a member of NC-Sara ( where we may provide distance education opportunities to 49 states (all but California), the D.C., Puerto Rico, & the U.S. Virgin Islands.

TEL CourseCredit HoursMcMurry Course Equivalency
BIO 1303 Introduction to Biology4BIOL 1401 Principles of Biology
BIO 1311 Introduction to Biology Lab0BIOL 1401 LAB for Principles of Biology (included in lecture)
BUS 1203 Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship3BUSI 1310 Contemporary Business
CHEM 2103 Chemistry I4CHEM 1410 General Chemistry
CHEM 2111 Chemistry I Lab0CHEM 1410 LAB for General Chemistry (included in lecture)
COM 1103 Introduction to Communication3COMM 1310 Principles of Communication
ECON 2103 Microeconomics3ECON 2320 Principles of Microeconomics
ENG 1303 Language and Composition3ENGL 1310 Composition and Rhetoric
ENG 2103 Literature and Composition3ENGL 1320 Composition and Literature
HIST 2103 US History I3HIST 2310 United States to 1877
HIST 2203 US History II3HIST 2320 United States Since 1865
HUM 1103 Introduction to Christianity3RELI 1330 Introduction to Christianity
HUM 1203 World Civilizations I3HIST 1310 World Civilization to 1500
ICT 1303 Introduction to Information Technology3COSC 1322 Intro to Computer Science & Info Technology
MATH 1103 Quantitative Analysis I3MATH 1315 Contemporary Math
MATH 1203 College Algebra3MATH 1311 College Algebra
MUS 1103 Music Appreciation3MUSI 2310 Music Appreciation
PHY 1103 Introduction to Physical Sciences4PHYS 1410 General Physics
PHY 1111 Introduction to Physical Sciences Lab0PHYS 1410 LAB for General Physics (included in lecture)
PSC 1103 American Government3POSC 2310 American National Government
PSY 1203 Principles of Psychology3PSYC 1340 General Psychology


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