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At MACU, we’re training students to Dream Bigger and Do Greater for the glory of God. Our high-quality education prepares you to go out and impact the world for Christ in the career of your choosing, whether you’ve been called to the ministry or the marketplace.

MACU Virtual Tour – 2020

Here, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and biblical values you’ll need for success in every aspect of life — no matter if you’re coming to us as a recent high school graduate, a transfer student or an adult who is returning to or starting school for the first time.


TEL Ed CourseCredit HoursMACU Equivalent
BIO 1303 Introduction to Biology3NATS 1013 General Biology
BIO 1311 Introduction to Biology Lab1NATS 1011 General Biology Lab
BUS 1203 Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship3BUAD 1103 Introduction to Business
CHEM 2103 Chemistry I3CHEM 1103 Chemistry I
CHEM 2111 Chemistry I Lab1CHEM 1101 Chemistry Lab
CHIN 2105 Chinese I*3CHIN 2105 Chinese I
COL 1101 College Readiness1UNIV 1121 First Year Evangel
COM 1103 Introduction to Communications3COMM 1103 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
ECON 2103 Microeconomics3ECON 2403 Microeconomics
ENG 1303 Language & Composition3ENGL 1103 English Comp I
ENG 1403 Research & Composition3ENGL 2903 Essay Writing
ENG 2303 Literature & Composition3ENGL 1203 English Comp II
HIST 2103 US History I3HIST 2103 American History I
HIST 2203 US History II3HIST 2203 American History II
HUM 1103 Introduction to Christianity3THEO 1103 Biblical Life and Witness
HUM 1203 World Civilizations3HIST 1103 History of World Civilization I
HUM 2103 Old Testament3BIOT 1103 Intro to Old Testament
HUM 2203 Survey of The New Testament3BINT 1203 Intro to the New Testament
HUM 2303 Stories of The New Testament 3BINT 3713 Life & Teachings of Jesus
ICT 1303 Introduction to Information Technology3CMSC 1303 Computer Literacy
LATN 2105 Latin I3LATN 2105 Latin I
MATH 1203 College Algebra3MATH 1513 College Algebra
MATH 1103 Quantitative Analysis I3MATH 1103 College Math
MUS 1103 Music Appreciation3MUSI 1113 Appreciation of Music and Fine Arts
PSC 1103 American Government3POLS 1103 American Federal Government
PHY 1103 Physical Sciences3NATS 2103 Environmental Science
PHY 1111 Physical Sciences Lab1NATS 2101 Environmental Science Lab
PSY 1203 Principles of Psychology3PSYCH 1103 General Psychology

*Currently archived, contact us if you are interested in taking this course


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